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Some Girls Revealed The Reasons Why They'd Much Rather Have Sex When High


Another week of confessions from the Whisper app where the stories are all real and you know that because who’s ever lied about something on the internet? And this one is near and dear to my heart, a little ditty from some chicks about getting stoned and having sex.

I had sex while high and no guy has come close to that since

I had sex while high for the first time... he nearly broke my bed. So surprised. I feel like a whole new person

Weed is therapeutic. I was so stoned that I hallucinated during sex. Instead of seeing my boyfriend, I saw a guy I subconsciously liked

I love getting stoned and having rough sex. My boyfriend loves it too. Perfect date

Stoned sex is better because it feels so much more intense for me and his body looks incredible

Sex while high enhances everything in the best way. I never used to smoke weed but now I

The only way I can orgasm during sex is if I

My ex and I got high and had sex. It was the most fun I

Had my first sex while high experience a few nights ago with my boyfriend. I think I

I love stoned sex because my boyfriend is way more into it which inspires me to be wild

Getting stoned then having sex is the best combination because I always feel more relaxed but so much more adventurous too

There is so much passion when I have sex when I

Fucking that last chick while high, Sammy Sosa approved! Download the Whisper app for more confessions and try smoking a bowl then jerking off, feels great (sex would be cool too but I’m not going to set the bar too high for you here)…those would be my main takeaways here. Happy Thanksgiving!