Curt Schilling Has Only Given $250 To Trump's Campaign

One of Trump’s loudest supporters has only donated a week’s worth of groceries to him? Lol. Curt Schilling may not be the most savvy money guy when it comes to video game start-ups, but he’s sure as shit not dumb enough to sink money into this Hindenburg they call a presidential candidate.

And I’m sure people will probably be really mean to Curt on this one, but I think it’s kinda sweet. You know when like a little kid gives money away and it’s the sweetest thing ever because he doesn’t have money? This is like the adult version of that. Curt was probably rifling through couch cushions and singing David Allen Coe songs with Keytar Bear down at Back Bay station in order to get all this cash together. That was his whole year’s allotment for “This is America, speak English” bumper stickers and “He-Man Woman Hater’s Club” signs to hang on men’s bathrooms across Massachusetts. So just think about that before you laugh too hard at a $250 donation to a presidential candidate you’re suppose to support so strongly that you’re hosting pathetically attended rallies for him. Not all of us have the ability to give a lot, so we give what we can. Good on Curt.