What’s the Deal With Finding Primary Care Physicians?


So a quick update on my red eyes/medical condition. My bloodwork came back yesterday and it turns out my mercury/metal count is twice as high as the acceptable highest levels. I’ve been put on a 2 week fish ban. My doctor tried to make an emergency neurology appointment for me yesterday but I had board meetings all day. Sure my hands tingle and my health may be in serious jeopardy, but the blog waits for no man. No time for neurology exams when I got papers to sell. You don’t buy houses in Nantucket by waiting in doctor’s rooms.

Anyway back to the point of this blog. I was told I also need a Primary Care Physician asap. Ok fine. But how the fuck do you get a primary care physician? I went on Blue Cross Blue Shield’s website and did a google search and the only doctors accepting new patients are doctors who went to like School of Caribbean. I’m not even making that up either. That’s where the first doctor who was accepting patients went. Umm pass. I mean you can’t just pick doctors willy nilly style like this right? It’s like picking a mechanic out of the blue. You’re obviously gonna get screwed. Except instead of having your muffler break you just die. You need recommendations and people you trust, but that seems impossible. I’ve never realized how fucked our healthcare system is. Even guys like me can’t get appointments for months unless you go to doctors that nobody wants to see in the first place. Dr. Nick Riviera and shit. So I guess I’m just gonna suck it up and try to self heal myself because I got no other choice. Luckily I’m a manchild, but I don’t know how other people do it.

PS – Quick shoutout to my parents. I’m not really dying so no need to freak out. (yet)