Bob Diaco Spent 10 Minutes Talking About ConFLiCT And Now I Can't Wait Till Next Year

In case you missed the back story on this one

Mark this down. I’m going to ConFLiCT next year at UCF. Yup put it in the books. I’ll be there. And I’m gonna root my face off for the Huskies and I hope Bob Diaco takes the trophy with him and when Uconn wins he runs across the field, puts it on the UCF bench, runs back across to his sideline and then runs back to the UCF sideline to grab the trophy. And make no mistake about it Diaco is 1,000% right here. Despite everybody making fun of him he has literally made a rivalry up out of thin air. A legit rivalry with legit bad blood. Two teams that nobody gives a shit about suddenly hate each other and is the can’t miss game of 2017. Iron Bowl, Michigan vs. Ohio State and CoFLiCT. Guy is a damn genius.

PS – I feel like Bob Diaco is one of those weirdos who doesn’t drink coffee but is just high on natural energy all the time and sleeps 2 hours a day.