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What In The Shit Is This Extreme Tag Game And Why Did Nobody Tell me The World Cup Was Going On?

October is always one of the best months of the year because it’s the only month in which the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL are all still in season. But little did I know that October is even better than any of us could ever imagine. Because October is when the Kabaddi World Cup is held and also, what the fuck is Kabaddi?

Kabaddi may not have been required reading for this month in the Blake Bortles Wikipedia club but I’m a bit of an over-achiever so I checked it out anyway. And according to Wikipedia, it’s a game where “two teams of seven members each occupy opposite halves of a field of 10 by 13 … The teams take turns sending a “raider” into the other half. To win a point, the raider must take a breath, run into the opposing half, tag one or more members of the opposite team, then return to their home half before inhaling again. The raider will chant “kabaddi, kabaddi” with their exhaling breath to show the referee they have not inhaled. The raider will be declared “out” and will not gain the point if they inhale before returning to their side, or returns without touching an opponent. The tagged defender(s) will be “out” if they do not succeed in catching the raider who tagged them. Wrestling the raider to the ground can prevent them escaping before they need to inhale”. 

Personally, I like it better my way where I just watch the video above and try making up the rules myself as best as I saw fit. But tell me there’s ever been a better reason to actually fire up ESPN 8: The Ocho. Think of all the potential this game could have here in America. Have the season start immediately after the college football season ends, then just broadcast games every Saturday after that. I can’t think of any game more conducive to either creating your own drinking game around, or live-betting. Trying to think of anything more exhilarating than rooting for some Kabaddi overs right now and I can’t come up with one. Let’s make it happen.

Oh yeah. Congrats to India on winning the World Cup. What an incredible run for this team of slumunderdogs.