Hillary Clinton Just Casually Ethered Ted Cruz

Live look at Ted Cruz after seeing this video:



After countless days of mudslinging between these two candidates, I’m happy for just one moment Americans could finally remember what’s important. Just how much we all hate Ted Cruz.

From lame ass 18-year-old Ted Cruz

To his college roommate airing him out on Twitter and being known as Cruhz


To that time he had cruhz on his lip

To his daughter almost puking every time he touched her

To a Trump supporter putting him in a bodybag

To getting hit with a savage “You’re too slow” fake handshake

And of course the coup de grâce, fake Ted Cruz on Maury

Simpler times. Ted Cruz is truly the great unifier of this country just because everyone hates his ass so much. Ted Cruz was the best. And by best I mean the worst.