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Tiger Woods With A Super Cocky Answer On Charlie Rose Regarding How Many Majors He's Gonna End Up With

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 10.06.12 AM


What a goddamn roller coaster that answer was huh?

My reaction after reading the first part

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 10.09.53 AM

My reaction after reading the second part

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 10.10.04 AM

The ol’ switcheroo! I don’t care how you feel about Tiger Woods. If you don’t love cocky Tiger Woods then you can get to steppin’ right outta my face. What an answer. The best part is that he 100% actually believes it. He believes he’s gonna come back and, not only tie Jack’s record, he’s gonna beat it. Tiger probably believes he’s gonna win 30 majors. And if Tiger believes it, then I believe it, too. Let’s go. That’s what he needs. Fake confidence is still confidence. We’re riding this thing until the wheels fall off. Such a cocky answer after he withdrew from an event literally a week ago cause he’s “too vulnerable” to play golf right now. Doesn’t even phase him. He’s prepared to come back (whenever that happens) and win a fuck ton of majors. I never doubted him.