Insanely Jealous Of This Canadian Thief Who Rappeled Through The Ceiling To Steal $150K Worth Of Hockey Sticks

CTV – A thief made a dramatic entrance in a hockey equipment store in Dollard-des-Ormeaux over the weekend, dropping from the roof in what could be a scene from Mission: Impossible.

The thief entered Monkey Sports on Brunswick Blvd. via a rope, before making off with about $150,000 worth of high-end hockey sticks. The incident took place on Saturday at about 10 p.m. and was caught on surveillance camera. 

Long gone are the days where you can pop into your local pro shop with $40 in hand and grab a Sherwood Coffey curve, get your skates sharpened and a few rolls of tape. No no no. Those days are long gone. It dates back to the 2-piece composite sticks but ever since the Easton Synergy was made, the price of hockey sticks have been on a ridiculous incline. If we are going to war with countries in the Middle East over oil prices, I can’t even begin to think about what will happen when we finally go to war with Canada over hockey sticks. But yeah, it’s outrageous that you’re forced to take out a high interest loan any time you need a new twig, especially considering they usually always break the day after your warranty expires. So I can really relate to Danny Ocean here. Keep a bundle of sticks for yourself, try to sell the rest online as quickly as you can before the heat builds up too much and then who knows. Maybe you’ll make enough to cover next season’s Beer League fee. The only thing I don’t agree with here is that they grabbed all different brands. If I ever break into a hockey store, I’m only grabbing Warrior. (Make sure to check out the Covert QRL Pro. Best stick in the game.

Oh. And as for the way they actually broke into the store to carry out the heist? Fucking brilliant.


I don’t condone the action but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t respect the hell out of a plan coming together perfectly like that. Maybe not as gritty as the Canadian goalie who robbed a beer store back in the summer


…but brilliant nonetheless. Sucks for the guy who got his store broken into but that’s what insurance is for. Hell, I wouldn’t even surprised to learn this was an inside job.