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No Better Sign That Hockey Is Back Than A Preseason Line Brawl

Rarely do sharks and ducks ever get along. Doesn’t matter if we’re in a body of water or on a sheet of ice. (that’s a hell of a lede).

These games don’t even mean anything yet and the two teams are trying to murder each other out there. It’s a beautiful sight to see. Can you smell that? That crisp in the air? The leaves starting to change? That scent of blood of violence? That right there means that hockey season is right around the corner.

You know it’s gonna be a great year when iron man Andrew Cogliano is looking to put some bodies on his resume.


But don’t you dare even look at somebody the wrong way when TOMMY FUCKING WINGELS is out there on the ice. GOAT hockey name and he’s basically just a giant heart out there with arms and legs. You touch Tommy Wingels’ linemate, you’re gonna take a few fists to the chin. Those are the rules.


Then out of the clouds comes that son of a bitch Ryan Kesler. Between Kesler, Getzlaf and Corey Perry, the Ducks have a lineup that not even their mothers could love. But I’m all for a good ol’ fashion donnybrook and no better way to get that party started than with a third man coming in like a bat out of hell.


Tough night to be wearing the stripes.


Takedown, 2 points.

We’re just two more sleeps away from the start of the 2016-17 NHL season. This is the year we Make Hockey Violent Again. Just ask Nick Ritchie and Brenden Dillon.


P.S. – Corey Perry’s overtime game winner in this one was pretty dece.

A little too selfish for my liking. I mean, what kind of a team player keeps the puck on his stick for a full 15 seconds like that without even thinking about passing? But yeah, I guess that was okay.