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John Farrell Just Won Me Back Over By Telling This Fan To Shut His Ass Up

THAT’S MY MANAGER! THAT’S MY QUARTERBACK! Love it, Johnny. Love it. Tell that troll to shut his ass up. The Red Sox have battled all year long, and they finally clinched the American League East division title, which I still stand by as being the toughest division in the entire MLB. The boys got a little rowdy on a Wednesday, but damnit, they earned it. They scratched and clawed, and when they had to turn on the jets in September, they fired up the rocket engines and blew by everybody in the league.

A manager’s job is to have his players’ backs, and you just got a front row seat to watching John Farrell flex his manager muscles. Oh, you paid to see a major league lineup tonight? Too fuckin’ bad for you, buddy. The A-Team is resting tonight because they just spent the last month digging the graves of the Yankees, Blue Jays and Orioles, and drank their asses off when they finished the job. Shut your ass up and watch the B-Team or there’s the exit.

A little respect for the manager please. Let’s fuckin’ have it.