A McGregor Fan Got On The Mic At the UFC 205 Press Conference And Hilarity Ensued

And so it begins! The build up to UFC 205 is going to be all time. McGregor plus NYC is going to be out of control. And it all started yesterday at the press conference where a McGregor fan got on the mic and instead of asking a question, just went bananas on Alvarez much to McGregor’s (and Dana’s) delight. And this was only day 1. Nobody promotes quite like McGregor. He knows the more shit talking, the more sound bites, and the more controversy he stirs up, the bigger his bank account becomes.

And as I said yesterday, the week of the fight in New York is going to be insane. Pretty sure the entire country of Ireland are going to get on boats, sail on over to Coney Island, get their lice check, and then take over the streets of Manhattan, and better yet, the bars. It’s going to be bedlam and pure insanity. Absolutely cannot wait.

PS: Another gem from yesterday. Conor is so great.