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This Is The Most Electric Promo For A Skating Battle That You Will Ever See

This also doubles as the ONLY promo for a skating battle that most of us will ever see. But that video is the closest you can get to heaven without actually dying. I never thought someone would outdo “Hit’em Up” when it comes to a diss. But “The way that he doesn’t even like to smile…WACK” sealed the deal for me. It was also eye-opening that dirty, ghetto, and Korn shirts are positives in today’s skating world. And if you can’t skate transition, you are apparently a piece of dog shit.

It truly breaks my heart into a million pieces that I never saw this video until today and missed this epic showdown. Absolutely ridiculous promos like this is how you get eyeballs on skating. Even the camera guy was cracking up as he filmed this gold. It’s like when Pete Weber was DX crotch chopping 50-year-old bowlers to hell. It completely raises the stakes of everyone in the sport. And if I’m Vince McMahon, I’m bringing this guy in for a tryout today. There are some very large shoes to fill in the wrestling managerial game now that Mr. Fuji is gone.


*Truth be told, I thought this might have deserved a MUST WATCH tag. But I already used my 1st MUST WATCH on the crazy chicken lady and only have 1 more to use for the rest of 2016. If you land 2 MUST WATCH blogs, you should get a 3rd for free. Kinda like challenges in NFL games.