Cowboys Fan Punches Not 1, But 2 Women In A Postgame Fight

Just when we thought the week 2 NFL fights were over, this one comes out of the woodwork and it features a Cowboys fan taking swings at not 1, but 2 different women. This is the result of when Cowboys fans from PG County who have never been within 100 miles of Dallas get to celebrate a win. The pussy Cowboys fan shouldn’t have touched her, but I absolutely would LOVE to know what woman #1 did before getting attacked. She was stumbling around without a clue what planet she was on, wearing a Skins jersey around 100 Cowboys fans, and that guy took a page out of Dez Bryant’s playbook. Woman #2 though is a ride or die bitch. She ate a punch clean and kept on swinging. She can fight in my tailgate after a loss any day.