Kansas State Girl Kicked Out Of School For The Deadly "Blackface + N Word" Snapchat Combo


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Daily MailA Kansas State University student who posted a Snapchat that showed her wearing a black mud mask with a racial slur in the caption is no longer with the school.

The picture, which shows Paige Shoemaker and her friend Sadie Meier wearing L’Oreal Clay facial masks, was captioned: ‘Feels good to finally be a n****r’.

Shoemaker said she would have been a senior at KSU this year, but was informed by administrators this week that she was no longer a student after the Snapchat debacle.

First of all the Daily Mail did this girl dirty with this headline.

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As you can clearly see from the un-edited Snapchat, she went soft A, not hard R. Not even trying to be funny, that’s a pretty important distinction right there. Soft A is dumb but more flexible – only hardcore racists use a hard R. So that’s legitimately bad journalism.

But, as harsh as this punishment may be, I won’t be sitting over here crying for Paige. I mean I’m just a broken record at this point. If you post yourself with A) an N bomb and 2) blackface on your fucking Snapchat story, you’re literally too dumb to feel bad for or just be alive in general. Which I guess makes it kind of counterproductive to take her source of education away, but whatever.

Also I think Paige thinks “blackface” is like a specific brand of paint you buy in the store.

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