Philly Will Be Home To The World Air Sex Championships This Year


Who: Some of the best air sex havers the world has to offer.

What: Air Sex Championships. I guess it’s like air guitar but for fucking.

When: Sunday Octobers 23, 2016. 11 pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME. (not like any other time zone even matters anyway)

Where: Kung Fu Necktie | 1250 N Front Street | Philadelphia, PA

Why: Honestly… I’m not really sure yet. But hopefully we can find that out by the end of this blog.

How: Like this.


TWO DICKS!!! At the same damn time!


You can tell this dude has lots of sex in real life. Can hardly even tell he’s just raping air out there.


Almost looks like if Big Cat and PFT had a dad together.

But yeah, the Air Sex World Championships are coming through Philly next month and why wouldn’t they? Nothing but hot ass people and winners in this city. There’s a reason why Philadelphia is often referred to as the Paris of Pennsylvania. Beautiful people in a beautiful place. Why wouldn’t you want to watch a bunch of Philadelphians make sweet sweet love to the air? It’s going to one of the premier events this fall. A real can’t-miss. So come one, cum all to the Air Sex World Championship in Philly next month. And congrats in advance on all the sex to those who perform.

P.S. – first the Major League Ultimate frisbee championship. Then the Arena Football championship. Now the Air Sex World Championship. Is Philadelphia having a moment? Because I think Philadelphia is having a moment.