Huffington Post Writer Tells SEC Girls They Need To "Cover Up"

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AL.comA Birmingham native turned Texas-based freelance writer has a message for the women of the SEC: Put on some more clothes.

In a column for Huffington Post, Rebecca Walden said she was surprised to see some of the outfits worn by young women at the recent Alabama-USC game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Walden said she remembered shopping for her own gameday outfits as a student at the University of Alabama 20 years ago and how times have obviously changed.

Live look at just how trash this article was:

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Seriously if the Huffington Post thinks your article stunk enough to delete it, it really stunk.

Luckily we got the transcript saved before it disappeared so let’s take a look at some of the advice for the women of the SEC:

“What we didn’t want, and what we never did, was to show up for a college football game looking like we belonged in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show,” Walden wrote.

“More than once at that last ballgame, I wished I could have wrapped my elephant scarf around one of you, teetering around on stilettos with your bra straps exposed and operating under the misguided notion that you looked irresistible,” she added.

“That lucky shaker tucked into the back of your on trend boot?

The team logo you’re sporting on your cheek?

The Greek letters sticker on your shirt declaring the sorority to which you belong and your loyalty to your team?

All rendered classless by those ill covered curves you’ve made sure are on full display.”

I wanted to tell you that if you’re doing this for a boy, he’s not the one for you.

Most of all, I hoped you would soon wake up to embrace the ethos shared by higher learning institutions everywhere – class.

Families attend these games. Little eyes are watching you.

To be clear, I admire individuality and personal style. Team spirit is a precious tradition, and the vastly wide interpretation of any given school’s football culture is part of what makes Saturdays down south so darn fun (not to mention the stuff of people watching legend).

So by all means, be creative. Don your most debonair collegiate colors ensemble. Heck, try to sneak in a flask or two (this is college, after all).

Be young and fun and carefree.

But please, leave the club clothes at home.”

BRA STRAPS EXPOSED???? THINK OF THE CHILDREN!! Seriously where are these girls’ parents? Were they raised in a whore house? They wear bras? And let people see the straps?


Hey SEC girls. Wear whatever the fuck you want. Wear what makes you feel comfortable, or irresistible, or sexy like you’re about to be in a Victoria’s Secret show, and don’t let any washed up old bags try to shame you for doing it.


If this is who the author was talking about then I take it all back, enforce the ban.

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