The Cowboys Should Just Go Ahead And Trade Alfred Morris Back To The Skins Because He's Spying On Them Anyway

I know Alfred Morris is the nicest guy in the league. Probably in the world. He helps old ladies cross the street, he donates to the church, he volunteers at bingo night at the community center on weekends. I loved him both on and off the field when he was here in Washington. But the Skins chose not to keep him, and he jet set to Dallas to back up Zeke. It stung at the time, and it still stings now, because Alf can still run the ball, something the Skins are going to have trouble doing this season.

That being said, if I saw a member of the Washington Redskins openly cheering for and rooting for the Cowboys, I’d be pissed. Not just because I hate the Cowboys with every fiber of my being, but because he’s not just rooting for a friend, he is rooting for the Redskins to actually win the game. You can’t root for a divisional rival to win the game. That’s a slap in the face to every one of your teammates who is working their asses off to win the division. It’s like if I was rooting for Bro Bible to have more page views after they steal all of our content, it just doesn’t make sense.

That being said, it’s entirely possible Alfred is sneaky trying to work a trade back to DC. We NEED a running back, bad. Matt Jones never looked like he’d be the answer, they are rolling with him, and he hasn’t proven he can be the number 1 guy. I’m not completely writing him off, but he needs to show more and show it quick. But in the mean time, having Alf back would benefit both teams immensely. The Cowboys have Zeke, Darren McFadden, and Alf. One of them has to be expendable. Alfred is openly cheering for the Skins on Twitter. Scot should just hop on the phone with Jerry Jones, send them a 6th rounder, and everyone wins. Otherwise the Cowboys have to deal with a spy and a traitor in the locker room, and nobody wants a Benedict Arnold hanging around.