Nowhere To Go But Up

Well that was a motherfucker. Two good possessions in the first quarter that ended with 3 instead of 7, and the Skins never recovered. Antonio Brown is too good, the Skins had no running game, and they couldn’t capitalize on opportunities. Big Ben and Brown were in prime form while DeAngelo Williams carved up the Skins run D to power the Steelers to victory. On D, Breeland tried his best but couldn’t handle Brown, who is just in a league of his own. Josh Norman didn’t cover Brown for the majority of the game, which was a weird decision to have him stay on the left side when Breeland wasn’t getting the job done, but on the other hand did Heyward-Bey have a TD?

Skins definitely have something to build on, but have a while to go. On to the next, 15 more games to go.