Ilya Bryzgalov Needs The NHL. But More Importantly, The NHL Needs Ilya Bryzgalov

THN – Ilya Bryzgalov made headlines in June when he said he was attempting a comeback after a year away from the game, but he no longer seems confident about his chances of finding work in the NHL.

The hockey world expands far outside the North American borders — some might even call it humongous big — but if Ilya Bryzgalov can’t find work in the NHL, he’s considering hanging up his skates for good.

According to Russia’s, Bryzgalov, 36, has said that so far his attempts to latch on with an NHL club have been unsuccessful and that should he not find a job in the NHL, he wouldn’t even consider coming to the KHL. Family reasons, Bryzaglov said, are keeping him in North America.

The NHL is a better league when Ilya Bryzgalov is in it. The world is a better place when Ilya Bryzgalov is in it. Was he the greatest goalie ever? No. Not even close. He had a few good seasons in Phoenix and even had some moments his first season in Philly but that was about it. But even if he wasn’t the greatest talent between the pipes, he still deserves another shot. I’ve gone on the record saying that no goalie in the world seems like a better fit for the new Vegas team than Bryz.  It’s not like anybody living in Vegas will actually care about the team so there’s no pressure from the fans. It’s not like a new team is supposed to win the Stanley Cup right away so there’s no pressure from the team. And then after every home game, he can perform some stand up comedy at any of the casinos. And by stand up comedy, I mean just throwing a mic in his face and just letting him ramble for an hour. But that doesn’t happen until after this season. We need to find Bryz a team for his season and we need to find him a team now.

One of the greatest parts of the Barstool Community is how aggressively we all band together to achieve a common goal. Whether that is to raise money for charity, to cyber bully one of the greatest defensive players in the NFL, so be it. We have a goal in mind and we set out to achieve it. Together. So I’ve never asked much of you guys but I need you here. Bryz needs us here. Nobody deserves a comeback story more than him. If they can make a movie out of the John Scott story, just imagine what they’ll do for Bryz. Let’s unite together and let’s get Ilya Bryzgalov a job in the National Hockey League. Because if mother fucking Louis Domingue an have a job in the NHL, than so can Bryz.