Pakistan Celebrated Like They Won The Women's Baseball World Cup After Recording The First Out Of The Game

“Nice running catch…for out number one.”

This is some fucking bullshit from Pakistan here. Reading up on this tournament, apparently Pakistan has never played in the Women’s Baseball World Cup before, so they celebrated the first out that they ever recorded as if they won the whole fuckin’ thing. If you’re Kyeong Eun Lim, the woman whose fly ball represented the first out ever recorded by Pakistan, you CANNOT smile at that celebration. You absolutely cannot.

You have to slowly walk back to your dugout with a stone cold death stare towards the field, and then tell Korea’s ace, Kang Jung Hee, that number 19 is getting one in the ribs. You’re not asking Kang Jung, you’re telling Kang Jung. You say, “Kang, listen. Pakistan just pissed on everything that Korean women’s baseball stands for. This isn’t about sportsmanship, this is about pride, this is about respect, and this is about the almighty Women’s Baseball World Cup championship trophy. Either number 19 wears one, or you can count on me waiting for you in the parking lot.” That’s how you handle this.

Sneaky funniest part of the video is the dropped ball during the celebration.


Korea won 10-0.