Giants Fans Beat The Shit Out Of A Pats Fan Following The Giants v Pats Preseason Match-Up

Does this look like an unfair fight? Sure. Classic New York scumbags ganging up to beat on a fan of America’s team. But you know what? I’m not even going to blame them. Going to an away game, preseason or not, is like riding the subway, or an airplane, or just being in public at all: don’t dress over the top, keep your head down, and mind your fucking business. This guy looks like he followed the first rule but very clearly ignored the next two. I’m not saying you can’t cheer for your squad, not even saying you can’t where a tshirt or jersey or whatever (for god’s sake I went to a Bruins v Habs playoff game dressed like a bear), but the key is keeping it light and fun. The second you turn into a drunk asshole then you’re going to invite some anger, and you’re going to be very outnumbered behind enemy lines. I don’t know how this fight started and I don’t mean to victim blame, but I’m pretty sure the victim isn’t blameless here. See a dude in 2016 with a tall XXL Victor Cruz jersey? Turn and walk away. That man’s got nothing to lose and it ain’t worth it.

PS – Pretty shocking that a guy in an Eli Manning jersey was throwing hands. Definitely doesn’t seem like the type.