Johnny Miller Predicts That Tiger Is Going To Win 6-8 More Tournaments At Least

Johnny you sand baggin’ son of a bitch! Listen, I’m not fan of Johnny Miller. Never have been and never will be. That much is clear. I’m not a fan of Johnny Miller because he sucks at his job. NBC could save a shit ton of money if they just fired Johnny and replaced him with a robot that could only say, “I think his nerves got to him on that shot” and “Putt looks pretty straight to me.” Or NBC should do the right thing and give Johnny’s job to David Feherty. But that’s beside the point. I LOVE Johnny going to bat for Tiger here. I feel like Johnny has said some unkind things about Tiger in the past so that make his 6-8 wins comment even more truthful and genuine in my opinion.

I also happen to think he’s absolutely right (act shocked plz). Tiger has a whole bunch of wins left in him and it’s cause of one word: talent. We’ve never seen anybody with Tiger’s talent. That can’t just vanish. Talent is talent is talent. He’s struggled the last decade because his body got worn down (and the porn star cheating scandal but that was a blip on the radar imo). If he’s healthy, and he says that he is, there’s no telling what Tiger has left in the tank. 40 is young for a golfer. Still, fuck Johnny Miller.