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Badgers Pull The Upset, The SEC Is DEAD*

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 5.58.43 PM

*For Today

Number 5 team in the country, National Title hopeful, 10.5 point favorite, SEC speed, SEC size, SEC toughness, HA! That’s Big Boy football right there. Line it up, shove it down their throats and play Defense. Bart Houston played a tough gritty game, some mistakes but he made the plays he needed to make. What a game, what a rollercoaster. How the fuck does Les Miles not have a QB again?!? Harris was 12/21 131 yards and 2 picks, that’s gross, so gross. Badgers get their redemption. SEC STINKS! U rah rah Wisconsin.

Oh and nice cheap shot, dude.


Just a CLASSIC CLASSIC bet. Don’t even care, so fucking classic.