Shout Out To This Seagull For Snatching Some Unguarded Ice Cream

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Yahoo- Nature doesn’t give a damn about your Instagrams. While some consider a vacation in a faraway land an exercise in relaxation, we all know deep down that it’s really just a chance to brag on social media with impressive photos from your trip. So when Tara Dalyntara from Thailand was visiting the UK recently, she needed to show off the scenery to all her followers. After buying some ice cream at Brighton Beach, Dalyntara resisted immediately licking the cone for the perfect shot. But directly after taking the photo, a seagull swooped in to steal a bite. Dalyntara shared a side-by-side photo to Facebook on Saturday, which has since racked up more than 33,000 likes at the time of writing.


I don’t come from a place where there’s a lot of seagulls. People that do come from places where there are lots of seagulls say they’re the devil. Always dive bombing their food and shit. Well I support the seagull in that Instagram picture and I’ll tell you why. If you leave your ice cream unguarded so you can take a pretty Instagram pic, prepare to have your ice cream fucking snatched. All eyes on your ice cream at all times or it’s open season on your ass. That goes for any scenario. Not just Instagram pictures. Take your eyes off the cone for two seconds and that’s enough of a window for a seagull or a bear or me to take it away from you. Ice cream is as valuable as diamonds and should be treated as such. I give all the props in the world to that seagull. He saw an opportunity and took it. She was prob all like, “OMG this pretty picture of the water and the ice cream is gonna get hella Likes. So bae” and then GOTCHA BITCH. Your ice cream is gone. Life comes at you fast.