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Josh Innes Is OUT At 94.1 WIP


PBJ – Racial slurs, brash opinions and a odd on-air end to his co-host’s tenure preceded the demise of Josh Innes – who is reportedly out of a job. Multiple outlets are reporting WIP fired the sports talk host, citing several station sources. Innes rose to stardom in the local market with his controversial opinions and, at times, the racist slipups he made while on the airwaves. Earlier this week, the radio host went after the WIP show’s chief rival – Mike Missanelli at 97.5 The Fanatic – over a caller that regularly contacted The Fanatic’s show who turned out to be a white producer acting as a black character.

Live look at Mikey Miss, who is also possibly in a Nazi uniform:


Oh the irony. Bashing the competition, rather than legitimate sports analysis and conversation, is what brought Josh Innes into the limelight in Philadelphia. Now, with 97.5 in a racism scandal with their white producer creating the stereotypical black persona, Dwayne From Swedesboro, Innes gets canned with the final draw of him going over the line making jokes about said race scandal.

Hey, 94.1 WIP a shock jock to cover sports and they got one. They have nobody to blame but themselves. The fact is Innes’ schtick wore off real quick once there was actual substance to cover. Rather than creating beef with EVERYONE, it’s kind of tough for a guy from the South to understand the in’s and out’s of Philly sports and their fans. On a personal level, Josh Innes is actually a nice, and rather quiet person. No issues whatsoever. But man oh man does his persona take on another level of dick on air. One that was obviously a little too hot for this market, especially with the old timers who genuinely preferred WIP.

Now do what’s right and put Diddy and Macnow in that timeslot, and maybe I’ll consider listening to Philly Sports Radio in the car over the sound of my engine slowly dying.