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Nick Faldo Just Roasted David Lingmerth With A Topical "WHAT ARE THOSE?"





FALDO WITH THE HAMMER! I love it. Faldo is my Dad and your Dad. He’s all of our Dads. Any other analyst does this and I’m a little pissed. I blog a diatribe about how golf announcers are out of touch and are pushing away the young golf fan with their archaic references. Not Faldo though. He’s the goddamn best. I envy the fact that he lives in such a bubble and is free to drop old references whenever he damn well pleases. Just completely oblivious to the fact that people stopped saying WHAT ARE THOSE?!?!?!?!? a solid 10 months ago. Faldo doesn’t care. To him, that reference is as fresh as mowed grass. He also won 6 majors in is day so he has a free pass to say whatever he wants. I only wish Daniel Berger was playing in these Olympics so Faldo could drop a sick nasty “DAMN DANIEL”