Is the Rio Golf Clubhouse the Ugliest Clubhouse in the World?


Hey Rio cool bus station. If anybody decides to take the Greyhound in for a quick 18 you guys are ready. So I guess the deal is this thing’s like eco-friendly or something. Its roof funnels rain water to an underground tank to be used when needed for watering the course. Newsflash: a golf clubhouse isn’t about eco-friendliness. It isn’t about functionality. It’s not about sustainability and underground water tanks. The clubhouse is all about looking fucking awesome. That’s it. That’s the whole point. Rich people building a massive house to hang out and joke and laugh about how much richer and better they are than everybody else. The clubhouse HAS to show that, on the inside and out. It’s like a massive phallic symbol except nice and architectural looking. Look how we do clubhouses in America.

Winged Foot West Course 9th hole


And it’s not just us. St. Andrews started this obvious trend like 1,000 years ago:

The Old Course St Andrews

Yet somehow you guys came up with this piece of junk?




Ew. Be more Rio Rio. You can’t.