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Jeremy Lin Made An Anime Version Of Space Jam 3 For Some Reason

Well it’s official folks. Linsanity is dead. I mean Linsanity has been dead for years and the corpse has already rotted. But the chance of Linsanity every coming back in any form is over. Muerte. RIP in peace. Jeremy Lin went Full Crazy Asian on us and there is no coming back from that. The poison pill contract of entertainment.

Now I am sure that I will hear a good chunk of the Pokemon crowd tell me how I am a bitter old man for not appreciated Dragon Ball Z or whatever the fuck those characters were from. But this is a bridge too far for me. It’s actually like a continent too far. And Lin not giving Landry Fields some sort of Billy Murray cameo spoke volumes. I’m sure Landry was very available. These two dopes were born to make a weird Space Jam movie together.

But the real nail in the coffin in this traveshamockery was the soundtrack being an F-. Again, if you want to make a Space Jam, whether it’s a sequel or a parody, make sure the music is proper. Respect the GOAT.

So like I usually do in all my blogs about a Space Jam movie, I leave you with the soundtrack of the original movie to get the taste of Space Anime Jam out of your mouths. Happy Friday everyone.

And here’s the YouTube link in case you can’t play it on the blog