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Stephen Colbert Would Like To Ask Trump What Vladimir Putin's Dick Tastes Like


Ohhhhhhhhhhh snap! Ask him that if he ever comes back on your show, you won’t! You won’t do it! That would get hella ratings though. “Stephen Colbert Asks Donald Trump What Vladimir Putin’s Dick Tastes Like” is viral city. And that’s precisely what Colbert needs right now. He is constantly getting his brains bashed in by James Corden and Car Pool Karaoke. Corden recently hit a billion YouTube views. I don’t know how many Colbert has but it ain’t a billi. There’s even rumors flying around that Colbert’s show and Corden’s show could flip flop places in the CBS line up because Corden’s show is doing so much better. So this is what Colbert has to do. Instead of just riffing it during the pre-show Q&A he has to actually ask Trump what Putin’s dick tastes like. That’ll be the shot in the arm Colbert needs. Do it.


PS- I’m trying to think what Trump’s response to that question would be and it’s impossible to predict. Any and all scenarios would be in play. The Donald could laugh it off or he could punch Colbert in the face and anything in between. Dooooooooooo it.