A Ridiculous Home Video Of New York City From 1990 Takes Us Into The Weekend

The first 30 seconds of this video is where it really shines. Pure electricity. Feel free to stop it after that

I can watch that guy slowly tumble down over and over and it’s still hilarious to me. You can smell the scuzz in the air as some dude likely holds a 30 pound video camera on his shoulder to record all the carnage. We also get a throwback to when poor bastards used to wash car windows with filthy rags for a buck. Gotta respect the hustle. The only thing missing from this video was some hoochie mama trying to hook and a guy trying to swindle a rube in three card monte. The Big Apple: Concrete jungle where dreams are made of that is now the official headquarters of Barstool Sports*. Hopefully we can make New York City grit again. Have a great weekend everybody!

*Still under construction