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It Doesn't Get Much Sadder Than Joey Fatone Singing "Bye Bye Bye" On Stage With 98 Degrees


Oh, that’s just so sad. More than sad, it’s downright wrong. I get he has to do what he has to do to stay relevant, but have ye no pride, Joey Fatone? Some things are bigger than fame. And this is one of them. And what about you, 98 Degrees? Just admitting defeat? Saying you need Nsync to stay afloat? Sad.

You see, the 90’s were about boy band wars. It was BSB vs Nsync, and then 98 Degrees or O-Town would come out of the clouds and drop a banger. And then on the other side of the aisle we had Britney vs Christina with random Mandy Moores and Kelly Clarksons thrown into the mix. They all hated each other and were out for blood. And that’s the way it should be. Violent feuds fueled by hate and deceit.

And now here we are, Benedict Fatone is up there joining the enemy to sing an Nsync song. Shameful. What would Justin Timberlake say about this (if he remembered who Joey Fatone even was)? Even though JT went on to become a trillionaire and Joey sings songs in Times Square with a fedora on the ground asking for people to leave tips, you still don’t join the enemy. No member of Nsync should ever be on stage with 98 Degrees, unless it’s to hit them over the head with a steel chair for stealing their song.