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Boatbound Made This Last Saturdays Are For The Boys The Best One Yet

So we are trying to come up with new content each Saturday now that I have an obligation for the rest of the summer to just be as irresponsible as possible and going out to party on a boat seemed like a good idea. We had Hank’s buddy’s boat who was going to come down from Scituate then the kid came down with Leukemia or some lie I don’t remember and we were so close to having no Saturday for the boys. Then Boatbound like a guardian angel came down and saved us.


It was easier to rent a boat than it was too actually find girls who wanted to hang out with us. The whole process took maybe an hour and we were off swashbuckling on the high seas. If you know of a way to spend a Saturday better than jumping off yachts and fighting with super soakers filled with rum then you’re wrong, that’s a fact. There is absolutely no better way to rip a Saturday than that.



It was awesome and they essentially let us do whatever we wanted. I could not recommend their services enough. If you or someone you know needs a seamless boating experience anytime during the rest of the summer I highly recommend checking them out. We even have a promo code good until 7/26. BARSTOOL50 off of your first rental. If you weren’t planning on a summer boating experience then do it anyway because it was that awesome and easy. Order the boat, call the girls, walk on the boat, party. That’s your full list of responsibilities for the day. No worrying about driving, no docking, no cleaning, just partying. It’s heaven.


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