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Hey Poor People, Ever Wonder Why You're So Poor? Well This 14 Year Old Is Going To Tell You





Hmmm, socio economic analysis from a pre-pubescent kid in his parent’s house with a “I sweat excellence” shirt on? I don’t know guys, seems suspect. Wait, wait, wait.


Caleb Maddix is 14 Years old and is the Author of “Keys to Success for Kids!” He is also the CEO of a 6 figure a year company called Kids 4 Success and quickly approaching the million dollar entrepreneur mark



Baller! I’m all in. All you poor people out there looking for a hand out, quit Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly. Quit being little bitches that don’t perspire excellence every single day. Start listening to Caleb and take control of your life. Mic Drop. Now someone get me and C-Dog a juice box and a lunchable. Being rich works up an appetitie.




Took Caleb’s own advice, saw an opportunity to make some money off his video by uploading it to brightcove and running our ads before it. Looks like Big Cat learned how to be an entrepreneur. The student has become the teacher, Caleb.