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Today Is The Day. Big Cat At Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championship, #LetTheBigCatEat


 Use hashtag #LetBigCatEat all day so we can track the funniest tweets for a round up tuesday. 


Happy 4th of July everyone, we are finally here, my date with destiny. Time to eat as many hot dogs as I possibly can in 10 minutes. It’s going to be quite the event, and if you’re a gambling man you can even bet on me at various sportsbooks. Yes I looked into trying to Pete Rose myself or Shoeless Joe the event and possibly take a dive for a huge windfall but it turns out you can’t get a ton of money down on random bloggers eating hot dogs, so I’m giving it my all. My goal is 10, ten dogs and I’m respectable, but who knows, maybe I just lose consciousness and win the whole damn thing, crazier things have happened.


Alright now for some details. Because ESPN has the rights to this event I won’t be making a video (yes it sucks, but it’s something I agreed to so that I could participate in it to begin with, think we can all agree it was worth that trade). Good news is I will be live tweeting/snapping/instagramming all day long.


First, the actual event

12 et – You can watch it live on ESPN3, super easy to stream it on your computer, apple tv or iPhone.

3 et – It will be on your television on regular ESPN. Assuming I don’t die I will be live tweeting this replay. Should be a good time making a bunch of fat jokes at my expense etc. Use the hashtag #LetTheBigCatEat


5 and 7 et – Replay on ESPN2, can still make the same fat jokes, those will play all day.


So how do you stay updated throughout the day? Easy. Follow these accounts

Twitter (use hashtag #LetTheBigCatEat and we’ll retweet you from these accounts)

@Barstoolsports – We’ll be tweeting from here a lot

@KmarkoBarstool – Kmarko is coming with me to help keep us updated when I’m stuffing hot dogs down my throat

@BarstoolBigCat – Self explanatory



Barstoolsports – we’re taking it over all day, this will be updated very often.






Got it? Let’s roll. I’ve been training my whole life for this moment. #LetTheBigCatEat


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