German Dude Fails Super Hard While Trying To Tap A Keg





Love it. Not sure why but it feels like the Germans really look down on Americans when it comes to beer. Like they’re superior because they have all the history and the breweries and all that shit. Maybe I’m getting that vibe from Beerfest but that movie is a non-fictional historical document as far as I’m concerned. The Germans are the villains in that movie so I view them as such. So it was nice to see a German dude with his old fashioned keg fall on his stupid face. Even better that he was wearing a soccer jersey. That’s like killing two snobs with one stone. There isn’t a bigger group of snobs than soccer snobs EXCEPT beer snobs. Beer snobs take the cake when it comes to Snob Power Rankings. They come to parties with their snob 6-packs and then feel the need to explain their snob beers to everyone for 45 minutes. The worst. Fuck beer snobs, fuck soccers snobs and fuck that guy.