A Young Mom Had Her Little Kid Film Her Doing Some Instagram Ho Trend Called The #ArchYourBack Challenge


It hurt me a little to not put “Hot Young Mom” in the headline because I genuinely found this girl’s youthful looks, big titties, and doggystyle positional strength to be pretty sexy. But the problem with the situation and using your child as your personal ho photographer is that it totally kills the vibe to the point where I can’t possibly sign off on the sexiness of this video. I mean yes there’s no denying that her son is a goddamn virtuoso in terms of running an erotic photoshoot at such a young age given how well he presented her giant tramp-stamped dumper. But the whole scene is ruined by the fact that he’s a little kid giggling at how silly mommy is while Meredith Brooks’ one hit “Bitch” plays in the background. You can’t ho effectively with a giggling adorable kid and “Bitch”. I’m sorry, any reputable ho would tell you that. So much raw talent in one video wasted by poor decisions and the underaged and possibly mentally warped camera crew.


If we’re looking at the bright side though, this kid at worst has a safe future as a competent ho video photographer and with Instagram models being as bafflingly lucrative of an industry as they are, there’s no reason he can’t make a living there while other kids are doing minimum wage work at McDonald’s. And when he’s older maybe he can use these lessons to be an OB-GYN. I’m pretty sure I was able to determine his mom’s age by counting the rings on her taint and HPV status just off of his invasive camera work, who knows what he could do with some formal training and stirrups.


(h/t Flyheight)