The Heads Up Poker Challenge Was Officially Put Out There To Scared Davey, Who Still Has Not Returned An Email

(Fast forward to 18:45)


So yesterday Scared Davey put up a blog about how people are offering to stake me money to play him heads up in poker. It’s a win-win for both of us- he gets to go to Breeder’s Cup instead of going to Aruba, I get to go to Aruba without him, and we both make that sweet, sweet #content for the site. Everyone wins right? Except one small little issue- Dave won’t return an email about it. He claims he’ll play me, the challenge has been extended to him, but he’s radio silent on the matter. Emails, texts, and even subtweets, and nothing from the guy.

The logistics of the match are simple, me vs him, as much money as he wants to put on the line, may the better man win. We’ll have to get Hank, Paul, and Millmore and the like involved for tech reasons- we need to hook GoPros up to Twitch so people all around the world can watch the match live with hole cards, like you see on TV. I’m pretty sure it’s fairly easy to set up.

As for the match itself- I’m such a favorite to win that people are sending me emails every 10 minutes trying to get a piece of my action. The person who is going to back me (not the person from those emails in Dave’s blog) said he is willing to put up as much as Dave wants to play for. And if you’re one of those people who are like “Dave using his own money vs you using someone else’s isn’t fair”, nope, you just don’t understand how the world works. I need to play high enough to make it interesting enough for Dave since he’s a millionaire. And don’t worry, I’ll still have some of my own money involved in the action as well.

Is there a chance I lose? Sure. You’ve played poker before. You’ve gotten in Aces preflop vs Kings and seen the kings win. It happens. Am I 100% confident that I’m much better than Portnoy though? Absolutely. And that’s why rich people are offering to stake me. It’s not often you get such a +EV investment opportunity.

So now we’ll wait. Will Pokerface Portnoy come out of hiding and help me get this thing rolling? Let us hope, because #content #content #content like this doesn’t just grow on trees.

PS: If I lose, good lord. Worst L of my life, and I was born with this face. KFC said he’d kill me if I lost, but to be honest, dying sounds better than not collecting Pres’s gold. Again, of course there’s a chance, but there’s no denying I’m the favorite here.