The Jon Snow + Leeroy Jenkins Mashup Is Internet Gold

This is when the internet is at its absolute best. Mashing up two classics and creating yet another treasure. For my money, the Leeroy Jenkins video is a first ballot Hall of Famer. The “repeating decimal” line, the “Leeroyyyyyy Jenkins” scream, and the utter nerdiness of it all. And the Bastard Bowl was the best battle scene I have ever watched on TV, even if you also remember just how fucking STUPID Jon Snow was on Sunday night. What Jon did was clearly even worse than the move Leeroy Jenkins pulled. Leeroy is a wildcard. The X-Factor. The Charlie Kelly of his crew. You expect that kind of bullshit from him. But Jon was Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and in charge of thousands of lives. The fate of the North depended on him and he had a whole battle plan laid out while also being begged by Sansa not to fall for any of Ramsay’s traps. Granted, Jon saw a child that he is related to get murdered right at his feet. But still, with Jon’s resume, he had to be better than that. You know nothing, Leeroy Snow.

If you are still fiending more Thrones talk, you can listen to Charlie Wisco, Rear Admiral, and I talk about the Bastard Bowl and the going ons in Mereen from last episode.

And if you want to rep the defender of The Wall and the conquerer of Winterfell, this Jon Snow shirt is hotter than Khaleesi’s three dragons spitting fire while Melisandre (non-old bag version) strips nude.