Ronaldo Shows How To Handle An Annoying Question From A Reporter...Chuck His Mic Into A Lake

GuardianCristiano Ronaldo reacted angrily after being approached by a television reporter while out walking near Portugal’s hotel in Lyon – grabbing the microphone and throwing it into a lake.

The Portugal captain, facing mounting media pressure after his his penalty miss against Austria and his outburst against Iceland’s “small mentality”, showed his frustration after being asked by the CMTV reporter if he was ready for their game against Hungary.

Slowly learning a little bit here and there about soccer, and what I’ve picked up so far is 1) The America team is ass, 2) It’s not a good idea to go to a game without wearing full body armor and having 4 bodyguards, and now 3) These guys know exactly how to handle the media. Some jerkoff comes up to you and shoves a mic in your face? Don’t no-comment him or have your handlers remove him and make yourself look like a sensitive bitch. Grab his mic out of his hand and chuck it in the god damn lake and keep walking. Power move. No wonder these guys get all the WAGs.

Also, 4) this was cool.