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LeBron's Block Of Andre Iguodala Got The ESPN Sport Science Treatment

You know a basketball player is ridiculous when his speed and closing ability can be compared to Jamaal fucking Charles on Sport Science, despite said basketball player being 50 pounds heavier, two years older, and playing in Game 7 of the Finals after a season-long marathon. But that’s LeBron James, I guess. Dude is just from another planet. After that block, my timeline looked like it does after Messi scores a goal. But instead of those goddamn “MESSI!!!” tweets, there were instead a buttload of “LEBRON!!!” tweets. When LeBron was at the peak of his powers, he would do these types of blocks all the time. “I’m shooting a layup! Take a good picture, honey, I’m dead!” was a seemingly a nightly occurrence on SportsCenter. Those LeBron blocks are like a drone strike. Nothing but blue skies and then a fucking missile crashes down to destroy an entire building.

My only question is will Cavs fans simply call this The Block? I mean that was THE play of the game. Hell, it was the play of the entire series. Moreso than LeBron’s block of Steph in Game 6, moreso than Kyrie’s shot to give the Cavs the lead for good in Game 7. But anytime you name a sports play “The (Fill In The Blank)”, it usually means Cleveland’s heart was put into a blender and set to Purée.