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D'Angelo Russell's New Footlocker Commercial Excellently Mocks His SnapChat Fiasco




This commercial is funny. Everything from Russell’s wrist-flick throwing motion to the overall message that “You can’t have a cellphone because you’ll definitely Snap your teammates talking about cheating on their celebrity fiances,” is funny.


But, can’t imagine Nick Young is in love with it? Or Iggy Azaela? You ever been in a fight with your girlfriend, and your friend knows about it, and just makes subtle jokes about the situation? You keep giving him the side-eye and muttering under your breath, “SHUTTHEFUCKUP,” because you just know that if only he would stop talking about it then she’s absolutely immediately forget that she’s mad. D’Angelo Russell has gone from the immature friend who fucks you over with your girl to the immature friend who keeps making fun of you and hindering the rebuild.


I know they’re “broken up” at the moment, but this all still stands. Nick Young and Iggy Azaela “break up” and “get engaged” and “tow each others cars” on Instagram basically every week. You’ve gotta be an insane person to be in a relationship with the other, so they’re a match made in heaven. I’m sure they’re still trying to work things out and now, right in the middle of a Real Housewives cuddle session, right when Swaggy thinks he just MAY have gotten over the hump, this commercial is gonna come on and the flood gates will open again. Seen it a million times, lived it a million more.