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Miesha Tate Better Win At UFC 200 Or Her Calling Out Ronda Rousey Will Look Even Dumber


You know what I find odd about Tate continually taking shots at Rousey? Tate has never beaten Rousey. Tate has lost to Rousey not once, but twice. Tate didn’t beat Rousey to get the belt. But she still yaps and yaps and yaps about Rousey. Questioning her toughness and the like, even though she’s tapped out to Rousey twice.

So now I can’t decide- do I want Tate to win at UFC 200 so we get Tate vs Rousey Pt 3, or do I want Nunez to win so Tate looks even dumber? I’m not even a Rousey cheerleader, I just think it’s ridiculously stupid for someone who can’t even sniff a win over her to talk shit. Rousey is off shooting movies and is pretty much the reason Tate is cashing a paycheck at all. Just seems odd for Miesha to act like she’s the cock of the walk when she recently lost 3 out of 4 fights, 2 to Rousey and 1 to Cat Zingano. I think Tate should just simmer down and focus on not being a 1 fight wonder first.