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Pardon My Take Will Be Taking Over Kentucky Sports Radio Starting In 10 Minutes

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You Can Listen Here



Huge news for the PMT crew, we’ll be taking over the number 1 radio show in Kentucky for 2 hours starting in 10 minutes. Matt Jones who runs the show (everyone in the south knows him well) is on vacation and he has been gracious enough to let us host for a day. PFT and Hank are both in Chicago now and we’re going to a radio studio to fire it up starting at 10 am est. Little PMT and northern flair coming to new audiences down South. You can listen to it HERE. Should be a good time. PMT doing a little real radio, see how it goes.



Also if you want to listen to it on iHeart radio app you can do it there, don’t need to sign up, just download it and say you’re going to create an account later.