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Here Is Bron Bron Getting Caught Red Handed In His Godfather Lie

I basically started the Lebron is lying about the Godfather movement. Now everybody is stealing my brain and running with it. That’s fine. The more awareness I can bring nationally to the Lebron is a fraud movement is fine by me. This little clip pretty much seals the deal that he’s a lying piece of shit. Trent talked about this yesterday but this is the first time I actually saw the question and his response. So Bron you’ve watched it 6 times and you can’t even throw out 1 fucking line in the most quotable movie off all time? Only Bron Brom makes up a lie that nobody cares about and has nothing to do with anything, but is so preposterous he instantly gets caught in his own lie. He reminds me of this kid I went to high school with. He just used to say the most ridiculous stuff. Like you’d be at lunch and he’s say he stole a Fieri and robbed McDonalds last weekend. No you didn’t dude. Why’d you try to even get anybody to believe that? Stop telling lies. Same shit with Lebron. Not even close to believable. He may believe it in his fucked up head, but nobody else does.