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I Think I Want To Fuck Gaga More Than Katy Perry And That Scares The Hell Out Of Me


katy bounce




9520cc26c7e97a3c24c90cb19ee1df1etumblr_ms4hif9jH61qza4gto1_5002013 MTV Video Music Awards - Backstage



So this happened last night (Oh Big Cat you watched the VMA’s you’re so fucking gay). Katy Perry dressed like a lesbian boxer and Lady Gaga revealed a kind of hot body and now I couldn’t be more confused. It’s like when a notoriously bad team has a breakout year and everyone thinks, oh well it’s still the Raiders/Royals/Sacramento Kings, they aren’t actually for real. Lady Gaga is kind of hot. She used to possibly have a dick. She’s weird as shit. And she’s kind of hot. It’s extremely tough to comprehend but it’s the truth. And Katy Perry on the other hand, is the pitcher over thinking everything. She has a 98 mph fastball and refuses to throw it because she wants to show people that she can throw her breaking ball for strikes. Fucking hate that. Keep it simple stupid. Guys couldn’t be easier to figure out on a whole.