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Kate Upton Wore A See Through Dress Showing Off Her Ass With Justin Verlander For Her Birthday

Carine Roitfeld Hosts Birthday Party For Kate Upton



TMZ – Kate Upton was upstaged by her own ass at her 24th bday party in NYC Wednesday night — hitting up the bash with her MLB star fiance Justin Verlander in a see-through outfit.


Interesting move by Kate Upton here. But she’s turning 24, been out of the spotlight a little, maybe it’s time for a rebrand. 18-23 year-old Kate Upton was all about the titties. But not 24-year-old Upton. Sure she’s Michael Jordan moving from basketball to baseball by thinking she should deemphasize tits and move to a butt-based strategy but why not? That’s what happens when you turn 24 or 25, you start questioning the world around you and every choice you’ve made and make some bad life choices. Some of us rush into living with someone we’re dating, some of us try a new hobby, and some of us decided to flash our pale ass around with the baseball player we’re still inexplicably dating after he accidentally leaked our nudes. Happens to everyone.


Below are the rest of the pics showing her ass and, for the record, I’m also not ruling out that this is her way at getting back at the world at large for The Fappening since she’s seemingly gotten very private since then. I mean look at the joy on her face with these pics. “Oh you guys want to see my amazing tits so bad that you’re hacking my boyfriend’s iCloud? Take this generic shapeless ass instead you motherfuckers!” Spite can be a powerful motivator and what a troll it would be.




Carine Roitfeld Hosts Birthday Party For Kate Upton


PS Check out these photos by the way, this isn’t me being an idiot and running paparazzi photos, we actually have LEGAL ACCESS to these thanks to Pres finally getting us a Getty Images subscription. 2016 man. Kate Upton asses and Barstool having photos that won’t get us sued. What a world.