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Jon Bostic Possibly Fined For One Of The Cleanest Football Hits A Player Can Deliver




The league has yet to confirm the fine, but if it sticks, it represents more than five percent of Bostic’s $405,000 base salary.Last week, we tabbed Chicago Bears linebacker Jon Bostic as one of 10 rookies ready to surprise this season.  According to teammate Lance Briggs, Bostic received a surprise of his own on Wednesday morning.



So the NFL hasn’t confirmed whether or not this fine is actually happening. I have no idea why Lance Briggs would tweet it out if it wasn’t real but that’s almost besides the point. Because if the NFL even thinks about fining Bostic for this it’s an absolute joke. That was a perfect tackle. Lead with your shoulder, helmet on ball, finish through, perfect tackle. Was it violent? Sure. But if the NFL is going to start taking away tackles like this then it’s officially over. Head to head, hitting low on quarterbacks, defenseless receivers, I’m in favor of all of those rules. But this right here is football 101, and if you fine players for hits like this then you might as well start playing two hand touch, honestly.




The ref’s face the moment of impact was absolutely priceless