Girl Says District Of Columbia Shouldn't Have Won Miss USA Because Colombia Isn't In The United States

God I love when girls say dumb shit like this. Very very very smart girls – the smartest of girls – can still have Chick Moments where they just go completely brain dead. The other day my wife asked me if pencils were extinct. Which is two fold ridiculous because 1) pencils are still in existence and 2) they are not living things that can go extinct. I made fun of her relentlessly and texted all my friends about it and then the next morning she went off to work and closed millions of dollars worth of business and cashed a pay check bigger than mine. Its just how it goes with women. That whole street smarts/rational thoughts circuit sometimes completely fizzles on them. I wouldnt be surprised if you told me Mary has great grades and got a great job but also thought that District of Columbia was referring to the country of Colombia. Plus she’s hot so who gives a fuck about geography.