I Need The J.R. Smith Reality Show To Happen, But It Needs To Be So Much Better Than The Kickstarter Trailer

Mashable- While most of the players on both the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are solidly focused on tonight’s Game 2 of the NBA Finals, it looks like J.R. Smith may be busy with a new reality show. A just-launched Kickstarter that purports to be by Team Swish, Smith’s organization, is seeking funds for a new reality show about Smith and his exploits as he plays for the Cavaliers. The campaign was created by David Fields and its aim is to bring a “scripted reality show, starring J.R. Smith of the Cleveland Cavaliers, his family, and bodyguard Boom” to the Team Swish website where it will air for free. The page features what seems to be a trailer for the pilot. Mashable reached out to the campaign via Kickstarter to confirm that the campaign was sanctioned by Smith and was told that the campaign “Of course, wouldn’t have been posted … without proper authorization.” Mashable also reached out to Smith and his representatives via Team Swish to confirm the campaign.

Smith hasn’t posted anything about the campaign on any of his social media accounts and the details on the page claim that many of the events intended to be shot, like Smith’s planned wedding, will occur after the Finals, so, despite the curious timing, it at least appears that Smith isn’t distracted with the campaign during the Finals. That said, there are plenty of mentions about the ongoing Finals on the campaign page as the producers of the project appear hopeful that they can capitalize on the games. According to the Kickstarter page, the pilot episode has already been completed and will soon be posted to Smith’s website. The campaign, which is seeking $450,000, runs through August 4, 2016 and, so far, only has one backer.

The J.R. Smith reality show is one of those things that we never knew we needed, yet we always knew we needed at the same time. Keep your Steph Currys and LeBron Jameses. I’d watch the real Earl Smith over any other player in the NBA today. #TeamSwish for life. Which is why we cannot let this show happen as is. That trailer reeks of your typical scripted reality shows. And I do not give a FUCK about a scripted J.R. Smith. What I need (and what I would donate my money to) is a Kickstarter to make J.R. Smith the first real life, unscripted version of The Truman Show. Where he has no idea he is being filmed and watched by everybody. I need J.R.’s phone synced up to the screen so I can see every “You Want The Pipe?” DM. I need to see every time J.R. shoots his text message shot at one of Rihanna’s old phone numbers. I need to not only see J.R.’s shoe closet, but I need to see his bong closet.

And since basically every NBA fan in the universe loves watching Planet J.R. turn, I’m pretty sure we can hit a number that would ensure every NBA team would blackball him, causing him to go to back to the Chinese basketball league (which isn’t far from camera/technology rich Japan), and then we have the green light to make some A+++ #content.

But Boom The Bodyguard can stay. Having J.R. get followed around by an old bodyguard named Boom was the one thing that trailer actually got right.