Starlin Castro Blew A Bubble Mid Double Play

Personally I can’t blow a bubble and I’m with KFC on having never ate a sunflower seed so I can’t fathom this. Is it a natural instinct to just blow a bubble with your gum every few minutes if you’re an MLB player? This play as a whole was amazing and saved the game, if not the season, so to see that a Castro was calm and collected enough to blow a bubble is encouraging that he isn’t going to fold under pressure. At the same time though, I think we all have PTSD of a Yankees 2nd baseman blowing bubbles with the game on the line.

Overall last night was a big win but with the lineup hitting and Pineda looking decent, the bullpen looked shaky. That’s the problem with this team as a whole. All the pieces just can’t click at the same time and that is what’s holding us back. The last few weeks we’ve had the best rotation in the AL and the worst lineup but once the lineup wakes up, the bullpen starts slipping. One game doesn’t make us “back” but a strong series in Baltimore could move us closer to back.